About Anna

Unusually amongst complementary therapists, I qualified as a biology graduate at Oxford University in 2001, and I already had a passion for anatomy and physiology before becoming a reflexologist in 2008. I have since specialised in maternity reflexology, and strongly believe that regular reflexology can help support you throughout your pregnancy.

During 2007-2008, I trained with Jane Holt at the South Devon School of Reflexology. As well as extensive practical training and assessment, the course included in-depth anatomy and physiology studies which are essential for understanding how the body functions as a whole. My training involved treating many of my own case studies and I soon discovered how every pair of feet tells a story. I am always amazed that the reflex points which show up in my clients correspond so closely with each person's emotional and physical imbalances in the body.

As a scientist, I initially found the concept of 'energy' quite tricky to believe. However, after treating people with a diversity of conditions, I am absolutely convinced that specific points of discomfort on the feet do relate to energy blockages or imbalances in the corresponding part of the body. Working these reflex points helps to unblock the energy and rebalance the body's systems in a positive way, and I find working with people through reflexology is incredibly rewarding.


Anna is a complete professional and is very knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her enough. After only a few sessions, I felt revitalised and motivated. Stress and various physical ailments began to ease and I found a new perspective on my life.

Jill, Kingston, regular client since 2010