I had maternity reflexology with Anna before my first baby was born. I found it the most relaxing, wonderful experience and I'm sure it helped the little lady's arrival.
Jessica Bow, maternity reflex client in 2011

Anna has been our resident reflexologist since June 2012. She is passionate about reflexology and she makes clients feel at ease in her care. They always come out of the treatment with a greater sense of wellbeing and relaxation.  
Rachel Sleeman, Beauty Spa Manager, The Voyage Spa at Thurlestone Hotel

I feel that reflexology has helped with some of my aches and pains, and I now feel more relaxed and able to cope with running my business.
Phil S, weekly client since 2010

Reflexology with Anna is always very welcoming and nurturing. I feel totally relaxed with Anna and it makes me feel much more energetic and motivated.
Mrs N, client since 2008

I am amazed at the healing power of reflexology. An hour is not long enough! I loved the whole experience, a great help. Thank you Anna
Catherine, client since 2008